About the client

This is a German start-up that aims to change the way car rental works: you can book, pay for and unlock a car via mobile phone. Company manages a large fleet of vehicles with built-in onboard sensors and has rental station all across Germany. 


   Modernise legacy software architecture to be cost-  effective to maintain;

   Stabilize and support old multi-component structure;

   Open and manage Dedicated Development Center in Lviv;

Value delivered

   Created a stable and scalable architectural design for new system,  opposed to previous one,  which consisted of dozen of tightly coupled projects, that didn’t work well together and reduced overall business efficiency.


   Clearly separated and defined areas of responsibility within team, consolidated by uniform architecture and rules, and endorsed communication that led to more solid and cohesive software structure;

   Initiated practice of documenting all incoming knowledge and workflows that led to more effective knowledge transfer and and made software structure transparent and easy to fix and maintain;


   Structured and stabilized existing system to maintain it on satisfactory level, while developing new one;

•    Gathered team of 12 people. Trained and managed them during 1 initial year.


- Karin Glombitza, IT development director

“We once had to face the challenge of transforming the software system we built as a startup company to a scalable, comprehensive software product for carsharing business. Thankfully we were blessed with Oleksiy who provided the software architecture, planned the project, built and managed a developer team and infrastructure for the system. He is fast, ambitious, intelligent and has enormous expertise in IT software development and agile development methods. He is a professional business man who always cares about costs and revenue. He is committed and self-reliant. He knows how to motivate his team. An innovative strategist who can be trusted. Highly recommend”



About the client

Curensea is a social start-up company that focuses on fair treatment of artists. Curensea’s mission is to help artist to promote their artworks as well as get some payment for it. Simply to say, if you like someone’s piece of art and want to encourage author, you can credit him or her with money.


   Tight budget and limited team;

   New product that needed to be tested first;


Value delivered

   Created architecture for MVP, that made possible testing product before investing a lot of money in it. 


   Successfully operated limited resources, such as 3 part-time developers, that tight budget allowed;

   Created product improvement strategy after successful MVP; 

   Gathered and operated team of 3 people during 1 initial year;

 - Sofia Chirico, CEO at Curensea

“Oleksiy is incredibly professional, an amazing developer AND project manager. Communication is great and his English is probably better than mine. Couldn't be happier with his performance!” 






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