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I help companies with technical expertise and guide software development in Ukraine

Basically process consists of 4 stages, but depending on your existing processes and business needs can be fully customized.


Business analysis:

First of all I find out as much as possible about your current business processes to discover what exactly tech stack you need, or if you already have software, weather it really meets your business goals and is up-to-date. I gather requirements, interview representatives of all departments you have to find out what works fine and what needs improvement. I document current processes, business improvement expectations and concerns.

At this stage I test your software, check it against benchmarks, analyze architecture and review for drawbacks in code and overall structure.

When we all are on the same page, I get down to the next phase.


Software architecture and development strategy:

At this stage I start drafting proposal for your development strategy. I create an architecture, a project plan, we define milestones, key metrics and overall timeline for the first year of development center operation. Based on this I form technical requirements for team you need.

At this stage you get fully documented plan of software development, architectural plan, and technical requirements for team.

When we agree on all of these we get down to next stage.


Recruitment, onboarding and management:

During this stage I provide recruitment and on-the-job  training. I conduct interviews and stuff project with best technical candidates market offers. I manage your technical team. I guide software development process, train and teach team members, help to establish seamless communication and workflow with your head office. Doing all this quickly, of best quality and with minimal loss is my key objective here. 



After job is done, I don’t just abandon your project . I also provide any type of support on as-needed basis. This can be assistance in recruitment of new candidates, training or development problems solving.

As I’m expert in software development sphere and I really can save you time and money because:

I can perfectly evaluate candidate from technical side: their current knowledge and potential, so that you get only best tech employees;

As experienced developer I can build software architecture that really works, brings and saves money;

Having extensive experience as team lead I clearly understand workflows in this sphere and can manage tech team, predict and solve technical issues that may happen during development process;





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