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“I don’t just sell services, I establish business relations based on quality and trust” 

I have gone all the way from junior software developer to solutions architect. With 10+ years of experience and dozens of completed projects I knows everything about software development cycle and how to make tech project not only go live but also thrive.


I specialize in building, managing, and scaling technical part of businesses, as long as help to open, adjust and lead software development processes in Ukraine.


Some of my clients call me an “Excellent problem solver” as I know from my own extensive experience what issues technical part of business may encounter at every stage of its life cycle and how to avoid or seamlessly tackle them.

Now I’ll be glad to consult you on any questions you have about Your business. 



Karin Glombiza

- Karin Glombitza, IT development director at Car Sharing Company

“With our company we once had to face the challenge of transforming the software system we built as a startup company to a scalable, comprehensive software product for carsharing business. Thankfully we were blessed with Oleksiy who provided the software architecture, planned the project, built and managed a developer team and infrastructure for the system. He is fast, ambitious, intelligent and has enormous expertise in IT software development and agile development methods. He is a professional business man who always cares about costs and revenue. He is committed and self-reliant. He knows how to motivate his team. An innovative strategist who can be trusted. Highly recommend”


- Mike Schwartz, Gluu Founder / CEO, Application Security Expert

“Oleksiy is a brilliant and hard working engineer. We loved having him on the Gluu team. We knew from early on that he was a determined problem solver. I guess if you're smart enough to do advanced physics, this computer programming stuff is pretty easy!”


- Oleg Vasylyshyn, Java Technical Lead at Car Sharing Company

“Oleksiy the best IT Development Director I've ever worked with. Smart, confident, honest. With his support I grew up as strong java developer. He always know what to do and how to solve any kinds of problems. His experience can help in any kind of developing (it could be front-end or back-end). Best leader and good colleague at the same time.”






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